Tag: Elephant

Sep 13

‘Murderous Mary’, the Circus Elephant

Today (or at least when you read this) is September 13, which in addition to being my birthday is also the ninety-seventh anniversary of the death of ‘Murderous Mary’, a circus elephant that killed her trainer. It’s not a terribly uncommon event in itself; during the nineteenth century and early twentieth, many elephants were kept …

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Aug 26

Drunken Monkeys (and Other Intoxicated Animals)

The island of Saint Kitts, in the western Caribbean: a tiny speck of land some 18 miles long and 5 miles across. A great holiday destination if you’re into sand, sun, sea – and mischievous monkeys. But these monkeys are different from most: they like to indulge in a bit of hardcore boozing every now …

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