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Apr 04

The Stink Bird: Hoatzin

Meet the bird that not only thinks it’s a cow, it also smells like one too. Hailing from the swamps of South America, the hoatzin (pronounced wat-seen) is an eclectic, handsome, albeit highly quirky, bird that divides its time between eating vast quantities of vegetable matter and just lounging around afterwards. Nothing is ever done in …

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Mar 08

A Slothful Existence

‘Sloths are the lowest term of existence in the order of animals with flesh and blood,’ French naturalist Georges Buffon wrote in the eighteenth century. The man was clearly very irritated by these creatures. He disliked their small eyes, their goofy faces and their fur, which resembled dried, matted grass. Most of all, though, he …

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Oct 31

Blood Suckers: Real Life Vampires

Blood is a natural power drink. It is the bodily fluid found in many animals that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other parts of the body. It is rich in protein and lipids so, from an evolutionary point of view, it’s a great food source for any animal that can get to …

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