Tag: Charles Darwin

Jan 08

Big Question: Who was Alfred Russel Wallace?

Everyone knows about Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution and natural selection, but not many know that another man came up with the same ideas at around the same time. His name was Alfred Russel Wallace. Sadly, whereas Darwin has gained all the attention and glory in the past one hundred and fifty years, …

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Sep 17

The ‘Missing Link’: Archaeopteryx

I’ve spent the last week in Berlin for my birthday, and although the highlight was visiting the zoo (seeing, amongst many other things, my very first manatees), I also went to the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum). The museum is not only home to the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world but also …

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Sep 01

Big Question: What really is evolution?

Somebody once asked me that if evolution were real, then why didn’t monkeys in zoos evolve into humans to escape? I despaired for several hours afterwards. The person in question wasn’t a particularly religious person, so I can only assume that his or her views stem from a huge misunderstanding on the subject. Indeed, if …

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