Tag: amphibians

Mar 19

African Clawed Frog: The Living Pregnancy Test

Wanted: African Clawed Frog Famous for: Being a living pregnancy test Crime: Accidentally decimating the world’s amphibian population The earliest reliable pregnancy test, developed in 1928, involved injecting mice with a woman’s urine several times over a number of days. The mice would then be killed and their ovaries examined; if the ovaries were enlarged, the woman was …

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Jan 18

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Wood Frog

The longest a human being has ever willingly held their breath without dying or suffering brain damage is just over twenty minutes. Some species of deep-diving whales can manage a little over two hours. But a small, unremarkable-looking amphibian called the wood frog can hold its breath all winter. Frogs, like all amphibians, are cold-blooded, …

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Jan 27

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Surinam Toad

It’s like a scene from a gruesome science-fiction film: strange, ugly creatures bursting out from the back of their disfigured mother and then starting to eat one another. But it’s not science fiction, it’s science fact – it’s just how the Surinam toad chooses to gives birth. The Surinam toad looks, upon first glance, like …

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Nov 08

Beautiful but Deadly: Poison-Dart Frog

What is the most dangerous animal in the South American rainforest? Is it the top predator, the jaguar? Perhaps the highly venomous Brazilian wandering spider? How about a large caiman, lying in wait just below the surface of the water? Or maybe a huge column of a million army ants? All of the animals above …

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Sep 25

Realm of the Troglobites

Caves are very dark places. If you have never experienced the complete and utter blackness of a cave, it is somewhat difficult to appreciate just how black black can be. Sitting in your wardrobe with your hands over your eyes on the darkest night of the year doesn’t even come close. This total absence of …

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