Category: Mini Questions

Dec 24

Was Rudolph a Girl? (and other Christmas-related mini questions)

Christmas Day is almost upon us, so Extraordinary Animals will once again be asking a few quick questions about the natural world – with a Christmas twist, of course! That means mistletoe, robins and, of course, Santa’s reindeer… Which Christmas plants are parasites? When we think of parasites, we tend to think of tapeworms within …

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Apr 20

Which Bird Lays the Largest Egg? (and other Easter-related mini questions)

For the third Mini Questions entry (see here and here for the two previous ones), Extraordinary Animals will once again be probing into a few animal mysteries – but this time with an added Easter theme. That means eggs, chicks and, of course, Easter bunnies… How do chicks break out of their eggs? All young …

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Nov 29

Do Fish Drink? (and other mini questions)

In September, I published a post entitled ‘Why are moths attracted to flames? (and other mini questions)’, which aimed to answer questions about the natural world that were neither large nor detailed enough to have their own entries. But one post certainly wasn’t enough to answer the myriad of mysteries concerning the animal kingdom, so …

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Sep 10

Why are moths attracted to flames? (and other mini questions)

The natural world is full of small niggling questions. How do fish in the ocean drink? Why are zebras black and white? What came first, the chicken or the egg? We occasionally ponder these queries but then we quickly move on, perhaps thinking the answer will be either too complicated or too mundane. As it …

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