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Sep 27

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Immortal Jellyfish

The key to eternal life has, quite possibly, been found – by a tiny gelatinous jellyfish. A transparent brainless blob seems an unlikely candidate to have made such a revolutionary discovery, but it has an amazing ability: it can start its life anew. The immortal jellyfish, as it is called, can reboot its very existence …

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Sep 19

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Babirusa

If your teeth suddenly started growing out through your face, you would understandably become quite concerned. You’d probably very quickly see a specialist. For the male babirusa, however, this is a perfectly normal stage of growing up. Babirusa puberty, it seems, is a bit more extreme than our own. As you can see, the babirusa …

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Sep 08

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Naked Mole Rat

It doesn’t matter how weird you think the naked mole rat is; it always turns out to be much weirder. Many animals have one main bizarre feature that is easy to focus on. The naked mole rat, on the other hand, is nothing but bizarre features. Maybe we could start with the fact that acid …

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Aug 30

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Deep-Sea Anglerfish

The deep-sea anglerfish never looks happy. I can understand why. You’d be pretty cranky all the time, too, if you were that profoundly ugly and lived a few miles down in the lonely, completely lightless and desolate habitat that is the great ocean abyss. Life can’t get much bleaker. Or can it? Well, for a …

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Aug 18

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Hagfish

There are many foul and unpleasant animals in the ocean: starfish that voluntarily sick up their stomachs; sea cucumbers that release some of their internal organs through their anus to confuse predators; and parasitic barnacles that effectively castrate the crabs that they infest. But the creature that has been dubbed the ‘most disgusting of all …

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