Category: Animal Record Holders

Oct 23

Animal Record Holders: Shortest Lifespan

Some sponges can live for over a thousand years. Giant tortoises are capable of reaching 200 years old or more. Even humans regularly reach their one hundredth birthday in this day and age. But at the other end of the longevity scale are small animals such as rodents and insects, many of which rarely live longer …

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Apr 30

Animal Record Holder: Longest Sperm

The male fruit fly has giant testes. They account for 11% of his body mass. And for good reason. In most animal species, the female produces relatively few eggs and the male produces vast quantities of sperm, but the fruit fly does it a little differently. The male fruit only makes a few sperm cells …

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Jan 18

Animal Record Holder: Most Heat Resistant Animal

If we want to be precise, the animal that can withstand the highest temperatures is that tiny, near-indestructible creature called the tardigrade, which I covered a few weeks ago here.  It can survive at temperatures as high as 150°C, which makes it the ultimate winner. But that’s hardly fair – it’s already got several ‘extreme’ records …

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Jan 04

Animal Record Holders: Hardiest Animal

They can survive temperatures ranging from 150°C to -272°C. They can go a decade without water. They can live virtually anywhere you can think of, from the highest mountains, underneath layers of solid ice, to the deepest ocean trenches. They can endure the most extreme conditions on Earth – and even beyond. But what are …

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Nov 11

Animal Record Holder: Fastest Land Animal

On the grasslands of the world, there is a premium on speed. The lack of dense vegetation or large bodies of water allows animals to run across this landscape without being slowed down. Natural selection favours those predators that are fast enough to catch food, and those prey animals that are fast enough to escape. …

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Sep 03

Animal Record Holders: Longest Migration

The famous wildebeest migration of the Serengeti and the great salmon run of North America are just two examples of epic migrations undertaken by animals – and they both pale in comparison to a small seabird that weighs less than half a pound: the Arctic tern. The name ‘Arctic tern’ is somewhat misleading because it …

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Aug 20

Animal Record Holders: Smartest Invertebrate

In 2008, staff at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, were faced with a puzzling enigma. A lamp in the aquarium kept mysteriously going off, shorting the electricity supply in the entire building and threatening the lives of the other animals when water pumps stopped working. It took the staff three nights, sleeping on …

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