October 2014 archive

Oct 23

Animal Record Holders: Shortest Lifespan

Some sponges can live for over a thousand years. Giant tortoises are capable of reaching 200 years old or more. Even humans regularly reach their one hundredth birthday in this day and age. But at the other end of the longevity scale are small animals such as rodents and insects, many of which rarely live longer …

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Oct 06

The Conservation Crisis: Frog Vs Panda

There is a reason why the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has adopted the giant panda as its symbol. The panda’s unique combination of cuddly looks, distinctive markings and gentle demeanor has made it a beloved animal throughout the world and is probably the greatest icon of conservation alive today. But on the other side …

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Oct 02

Bizarre Animal of the Week: Tongue-Eating Louse

The tongue-eating louse is the ultimate uninvited guest. It turns up unannounced, eats everything in sight and then vastly overstays its welcome. In fact, it doesn’t actually leave until the day it dies. Hopefully you’ve never had a guest quite like that. The picture above seems to depict a fish that is in the process of eating …

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